Your Guide to Mice Removal (2023)

by | Oct 9, 2023 | Pest Control, Rats


Mice Removal, The presence of mice indicates the upcoming dangers. Mice carry many diseases, such as leptospirosis, salmonellosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and many others. Mice can also damage your property. Mice can damage your electrical circuit. An unnoticed short-circuit due to an electrical imbalance in your wiring can burn down your home. Therefore, urgent mice removal from your home is necessary. 

Quick Pest Control Ottawa provides the services for mice removal. Our exterminators prefer humane methods to capture the mice from your home. They have 15+ years of experience. Their best techniques can quickly remove mice from your home. Call us, and we will be there to help you with mice removal. 

What Does Mice Look Like?

Mice Removal
  • Mice are small rodents. They are about half an ounce in size.
  • They are 6 to 7 inches long with a tail. Only their tails are about 3 to 4 inches.
  • Their ears are comparatively larger than their body.
  • They have dark black eyes. 
  • They contain hairless tails. 
  • They are present in a variety of colors. They may be gray or brown. Some have gray on top and white on bottom. 

Life Cycle of Mouse

Mice can live 16-18 months. In some cases, they may live more than two years. Most rats die before they reach the age of 12 months. After one year of birth, rats are sexually mature. Female rats can give birth to more than eight young ones. They can produce 6-11 rats in almost 24 days. In this way, more than 100 rats are born within a year. They can enlarge their numbers very soon. That’s why urgent mice removal is necessary. 

Disadvantage of Mice 

Mice may prove harmful to your health and property. Here, we will discuss the disadvantages of having mice in your home. 

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Health Issues 

The presence of mice in your home may lead to many dangerous diseases. They can spread diseases like leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Their bite may cause many skin problems. If you see them in your home, take some quick steps to remove them from your home. 

Hygienic Risks


The presence of mice may lead to hygienic risks. You will often see many other insects, like fleas and ticks, with the mice. Now, the problem is not only about the mice. It is about having a lot of parasites along with mice. These parasites may bite humans and pets. You have to face the harm of these parasites along with the mice. Call Quick Pest Control Ottawa to get the mice removal services. 

Property Damage 

Mice are responsible for property damage. They can chew your leather bags, clothes, and other essential items. They can gnaw the plastic, wood, rubber, and insulation. In this way, you may have to face financial losses. In this way, urgent mice removal becomes necessary. You can call Quick Pest Control Ottawa to remove the rats from your home. 

Responsible for Short-Circuiting 

Mice can chew everything. If they gnaw the electrical wires, it can cause short-circuiting in your home. It may burn your house. The damage to the electrical circuit can electrocute anyone. In this regard, you may suffer intense loss of life and money. Due to this, the sudden removal of mice becomes necessary. You can hire any pest-controlling agency like Quick Pest Control Ottawa to remove the mice and other rodents from your home. Due to this, urgent mice removal becomes necessary. 


Food and shelter are two main things that attract the mice to your home. We suggest you keep them away from the things they want to get. For this purpose, check the less noticeable places of your home. Food attracts mice the most. Keep food in a specific container so they may not access it. 

Also, avoid keeping pet foods in the open. Mice nest in the soft places. Remove the soft-nesting materials so they may not find a shelter to stay. Do not leave your home uncleaned. There are more chances of the presence of mice in less noticeable places in your home. 

What is Quick Pest Control Ottawa?


Quick Pest Control Ottawa is the best pest-controlling agency. The best and most skilled exterminators work for us. They have more than 15 years. We provide pest control services not only in Ottawa but also in Canada. If you want any assistance in mice removal, contact us. We’ll give you services that you’ll be happy with.

How can Quick Pest Control Ottawa Help you? 

Our exterminators have the best procedures to remove mice or rodents from your home. We will help you to remove the mice from your home in the following ways. 

 Search of Mice 

Firstly, we will absorb indoor and outdoor areas to search for the mice. One can identify their presence by noticeable clues. The search for mice will help us to install the traps in specific areas. Here are some indications of their presence in your property. 

  • Scratches on shelves, floor, or wooden accessories.
  • You will notice holes (about 1.5 inches) in your clothes. 
  • The scattering of food also indicates the presence of mice in your home.
  • Mice have unusual nests of fabrics, pet hairs, or other soft materials.

Seal all Entry Points 

Any pest can not enter your home until it does not find an entry point. Secondly, we will eliminate all the entry points of mice. We will restrict their entry into your home by sealing all the access points. We locate the unnoticeable holes and close them. Only this step can prove helpful in limiting the entry of mice into your home. 

Moreover, we will install door sweeps so they may not enter through the door gaps. We will also suggest that you repair the broken windows and doors. 

Mice Removal

Installation of Mice Traps 

Installing mouse traps in specific areas is our next step to discard the mice from your home. Here are some entanglements that we use to capture the mice. 

Snap Traps 

Snap traps are the most popular and effective traps to capture mice. When the mice enter the trap, they will get stuck there. These traps provide the instant killing of mice. We prefer not to use this trap because we want to rescue the pests, especially the rodents. Moreover, the dead mice can scare the kids. 

Mice Removal

Automatic Multiple Catch Traps 

Wind-up-style and low-profile traps are two types of automatic multiple-catch traps.

Wind-Up-Style Trap


 Wind-up-style traps have a spring-containing platform. This trap captures the mice when they step on the platform of the entanglement. They can enter the trap but cannot exist because of the spring-containing bottom.

Electric Traps 

These traps are expensive to use. This trap captures the mice and kills them with electric shocks. We do not want to try this trap as it kills the mice. We prefer to save the lives of pests, especially of the rodents. 

Humane Traps 

As we prefer to save the lives of rodents, we try to use humane traps to capture the mice without killing or even hurting them. 

Low-Profile Traps 

Low-profile traps have a door or window to capture the mice. This trap catches the mice without killing them. 

Glue Traps 

Glue traps contain the sticky material. This sticky material attracts the mice towards the entanglement. When the mice step into the trap, their legs get stuck. In this way, they fail to escape. Once we capture them, we send them to a safe place, away from the commercial areas. 

Mice Removal

Live traps

We prefer live bait as they catch mice without killing or hurting them. It has doors and windows. When the prey enters the trap, the door closes to trap the rats. You can remove them from here.

Use of Rodenticides 

We have the best techniques for using rodenticides. Our best rodenticides will help you in removing the rats from your home. Our rodenticides are very effective in their functioning. They will affect the mice or rodents only. They will not impact humans, pets, and the environment. 

Checking of Decrease in Mouse Rate 

After making all these steps, we will absorb the mouse activity in the future. The above procedures will exterminate the mice from your home. Still, if you notice their further presence, contact us again. We will use our services to remove them permanently from your home. 

Precautions After Extermination 

Once our exterminators make your home mice-free, you should take some safety measures to restrict their re-entry. Here are some of them. You can follow these procedures to eliminate the rats from your home.

Get a Cat

Getting a cat is the best option to avoid further mice. If anyone in your family is allergic to cats, buy cat litter. It can also keep the mice away from your home. 

Essential Oils 

Peppermint and clove oil have a strong smell that irritates the mice. You can soak the cotton in these oils and put them on mice nesting areas. It will force them to leave your property. 

Hot Pepper Solution 

After the extermination of mice, you should often use a hot pepper solution. You may also use poison baits, but it can be harmful. Therefore, it is wise to use non-poisonous remedies. Prepare a hot pepper solution and spray it on those areas where the mice can nest.  

Use Tape to seal Access Points. 

Still, if you notice any access point for mice, you can use duct tape to block that entry point. 

Qualities of Quick Pest Control Ottawa

You can hire any pest-controlling agency. Some qualities that make Quick Pest Control Ottawa different from others. Here are some of them. 

Humane Pest-Capturing Methods 

We prefer to use humane methods to capture pests because we are concerned about the lives of extinct species, especially rodents. 

Best Exterminators 

We have the best exterminators. They know very well how to treat the pests. They can quickly understand your problem and make their strategy accordingly. 

Familiar with Canadian Rules and Legislation 

We are linked with Wildlife management and use approved techniques. We try to save the species because we know how important the species are to Canada.


After the extermination, we also suggest different things to our customers to avoid the re-entering of the pests from their homes. 

Access to Remote Areas 

Quick Pest Control Ottawa provides the services not only in Ottawa but also in Canada. You can get our services from anywhere in Canada. We provide our fast assistance to help you. 


What smells do mice hate the most? 

Mice hate the smell of peppermint oil, vinegar, ammonia, bleach, cinnamon, and mothballs. 

How can I remove the mice from my home permanently? 

You can remove the mice or rodents from your home by getting help from our exterminators. Their best techniques can remove rodents from your home for a very long period. 

Can a mouse bite me? 

Yes, a mouse can bite you. In this way, they may transmit many dangerous diseases. 


Mice in your home are not a good sign for your health and property. If you see any pests or mice in your home, you can contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. Our exterminators will help you in removing the mice from your home. We use different traps and rodenticides to make your home mice-free. We prefer humane methods to capture rodents from your home.