The Best Ways to Safely Get Rid of Wasps at Home

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Wasps are very harmful to humans as they can bite, and their bite can be painful. Some people are also allergic to them. No one likes their presence in their homes. They try to find methods that could remove them from their homes. If you have the same situation, we will guide you. You can also remove them using pesticides, sprays, traps, and homemade remedies like soap and water. If everything fails to remove them, contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. We have expert exterminators. We will make your home free from pests or wasps in no time.

Wasps Nest Removal

It could be dangerous to remove the wasp nest by yourself. You should highly prefer the experts to remove them because they have experience, many techniques, and methods. So, contact us and make your work pretty easy, safe, and quick.  

Effective Ways to remove the Wasps Nest by yourself.   

If the wasp nests are present, follow the below tips to remove them from your home.

Outdoor Tips and Tricks to Kill Wasps 

These tips will be helpful for you if the wasps are present in your yards. Here are various techniques and tricks to kill the wasps in the yards and houses.

Use of Wasp Traps 

Use wasp traps to remove wasp nests from your house. Wasp traps are an effective and fast-working way to remove wasps from your home. These traps contain a liquid material, and the smell of this liquid attracts the wasps towards the trap. 

The trap will capture the wasps when they enter the entanglement. Though wasp traps are very helpful, it is not easy to see dead wasps in the traps. It is an advantage that you can use this trap by replacing its sheet again

The wasp traps are effective in capturing and killing a few wasps only. To remove the whole wasp nest, you should look for something else. 

Use of Wasp Sprays 

If you want to kill all the wasps present in the nest, use wasp sprays. It is better to follow some safety measures before spraying on wasp nests. For the rapid killing of wasps, use wasp sprays in the evening or night. Because at this time, all the worker and queen wasps are in the nest. All the wasps will be in inactive or sleeping mode at that time.     

You can easily purchase these sprays from any market. The wasps can bite you hard. If you want to avoid the bite of wasps, buy a nozzle that will help you spray from a safe distance. If the spray will not prove effective in the first attempt, use the spray once or several times a day for some days. 

Use of Dishwasher and Water to Kill the Wasps 

Make the sprays in-house if you cannot afford them. You need two tablespoons of soup. Pour the soap into a bottle of water and mix it well. Now, spray this mixture on the nest of wasps. This mixture will cause suffocation in wasps and kill them within no time.

Use of Homemade Trap to kill Wasps 

You can also create a homemade trap for wasps. For this purpose, take a large soda bottle and remove its upper portion. Now, add soda or fruit juice and dishwashing soap. Invert the position of the soda bottle and put it in your house. Its smell will attract wasps, and the dishwasher in the bottle will cause breathing difficulties in them.

Future Nesting Areas 

Treat some areas where you think wasps can make nests. Use sprays and insecticides in suspected places. It will restrict the entry of wasps in those specific areas.

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Contact a professional Team 

You cannot remove the wasps from your yards or any outdoor area. For fast results, contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. Our expert pest exterminators will try all the possible ways to make your outdoor places free of wasps. 

➤ Methods to Kill the Wasps in Homes 

If you see the wasps in your homes, it is alarming for you because they can make their nests anywhere. When they make their nest in your homes, it will be difficult for you to remove them from your homes. 

Wasps Nest Removal

Check the Points from Where the Wasps can Enter 

Wasps can enter from any tiny gap because of their small size. Firstly, check all the entry points for the wasps in your house. If you notice any gap in your walls, a hole in your ceiling, or any crack on the doorstep, try to cover them all.

Keep an Eye on the Movement of Wasps 

View every activity of wasps in your house. Check the areas where the wasps can make nests. Mostly, they make nests in rough places. Spray regularly in such areas to avoid the future nesting of wasps. 

Effective Home Remedies to Kill the Wasps 

There are many home remedies to get rid of wasps. You can choose any of them for better and faster results. You can also use niger to get rid of wasps. It is a wasp-repellent remedy. Mix two cups of vinegar, sugar, and water. Mix it well. Now, place this mixture near the nest. It will attract the wasps and kill them rapidly. 

Use of Spray to Kill Wasps in your Home.

Though spraying is a far easier method, it is necessary to follow some guidelines for your safety. Here are some central safety measures ; 

  • Wearing a protective suit.
  • Covering your face. 
  • Standing at a distance. 

After following these safety guidelines, spray properly on the nesting areas of wasps. 

Contact a Professional Team to Remove the Wasps from your House.

It can be problematic and dangerous for you to deal with indoor wasp problems by yourself. It can also be a time-consuming process if you try to solve it by yourself. You have to call Quick Pest Control Ottawa, and they will be there to help you. Our experts will make it quickly.  

Wasps Nest Removal

How to Limit the Entry of Wasps 

Though you can eliminate the wasps, limit their entry into your house.

Avoid Food Scattering 

To avoid the wasps in your home, stop the scattering of food.

  • Remove all the food particles from your floor.
  • Don’t throw the remains of your food in open areas. 
  • Store your remaining food in tight jars.
  • Confirm that the lids of dustbins are tightly closed. 

Fill the Gaps 

Wasps can enter your home from any gap. Fill all the gaps on your doorstep, holes in your ceiling, and cracks in your walls. 

Wasps Repellent Plants 

Pennyroyal, Mint, Basil, Marigold, and Wormwood are some wasp-repellent plants. Grow these plants in your garden to restrict the entry of wasps.

Role of Quick Pest Control Ottawa 

Pest Control Ottawa provides the services in Ottawa or even in Canada. If you are living in Ottawa or Canada and facing pest-related problems, do not worry. 

How will we Help? 

We will help you in solving your problems in the following ways. 

Observing the Property 

First of all, we will inspect your property, and then our professional pest controllers will take steps to remove wasp nests from your home. They will try to remove them in all possible ways. They will install many wasp traps to attract them. They will also use sprays if the wasp problem is severe. 

Eliminating the Wasp Nests 

If our experts find any wasp nest on your property, they will try it with different chemicals. We always prefer chemicals that are not harmful to children and the environment. 

Use of Other Treatments 

We will install traps or baits on your property. It will eliminate the nest of wasps without any health risks. This process will also kill wasps that were not present during the treatment.


What types of pests are wasps?

Wasps are aggressive pests. They may bite you hard in aggression that is painful for you. 

In which places can wasps make nests? 

Usually, wasps make nests on rough places like wood, unpainted walls, bark of trees, net windows, and other areas. 

What wasps hate most? 

Wasps hate the smell of vinegar, eucalyptus, cloves, mint, geranium, thyme, bay leaves and lemongrass. 


Wasps are very harmful to us. So, you should take some quick steps to remove them from your home. If you fail to remove them, contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. We provide services all over Canada. Contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa, and we will help you.