Rats Exterminator – How To Identify & Get Rid Of Rats

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Rat extermination is the process of controlling the growth rate of the rats. Rat Exterminator means persons who have experience of capturing and killing the rats. They have different strategies to catch the rats. All pests are very harmful to human beings, especially if they are rodents. 

Rats are tainted to our health because they carry many incurable diseases like hantavirus and rat bite fever. Rats can also damage fruits, vegetables, and other edible things. Due to all these problems, no one likes rats in their house, and everyone wants to get rid of them.

If you are also from those who have rats in their homes and want to get rid of them, your search ends here. The only thing you have to do is to call Quick Pest Control Ottawa, and sooner, we will be there to help you. We have the best and most experienced rat exterminators. They have the experience of many years. They will make your home free from rats.

How will Rat Exterminators Kill the Rats? 

The rat exterminators of Pest Control Ottawa have experience. They will use different tips and tricks to kill or control the population of rats. We use multiple traps like glue traps and live traps. 

Moreover, you can also use rodenticides and tracking powder for this purpose. Our professionals use a variety of techniques to kill and control rodent populations. 

Is it Possible to Control the Rodent Population at Your Home by Yourself?

You can kill or trap the rats if they are very few. If two or three rats are present in your home, you can handle them. But if the rats are in large numbers, you should contact the Rat Exterminators.

Because it will be difficult for you to handle a large number of rats. Sooner, we will be there to help you after contacting us.   

In What Way the Rats are Harmful for us?

Rats are tainted to our health because they carry many dangerous and incurable diseases. They can also damage clothes, wiring, papers, fruits and vegetables. It is impossible for you if you try to trap or kill them by yourself.

Look-Over for Rats 

The first and most common step to get rid of rats is inspection. Firstly, you should check your whole home. The process of examining will help you understand the type of pests and the place where they are present. By inspection, you will find the category of the rats and their number. 

After confirming the number of rats, you should look for their treatment.  

Eliminate the Rats from your Home

You must take the necessary steps to prevent the mice from entering. For this purpose, you should fill all the holes that help the mice to enter your home. After filling the gaps with certain materials, you should minimize the food resources of rats. Because when rats get abundant food and good shelter, they will increase their number very soon. Try to preserve your food in sealed cans or boxers. You have to decrease their shelter place. For this purpose, you should remove the garbage, and shrubs from your home. 

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By taking all these precautions, you can minimize the growth rate of rats. Hence, there will be less chance of having rats in your home. 

Use of Ultrasonic Ways to Eliminate the Rats from Your Home 

It is a very effective method to get rid of rats. In this method, the professionals use sounds that the human ears can not hear. But this voice is very harmful to rats. In this method, the rats will not die but will move away from your home. In this way, you can get housefree from rats. This method is helpful and humane because it doesn’t kill the rats. 

Use Rat Traps to Eliminate Mice from your Home 

The best and cheapest way to get rid of rats is by using traps. In the market, many rat traps are available. You can use any of them to get rid of mice. Catching rats by using rat traps is usually a time-consuming process. To use this process, you should be very patient in your actions. Trapping by yourself and by rat, killers are two different things because rat killers have various techniques for trapping the rats. They can trap them easily as compared to yourself.  

It is difficult to catch the rats by using the rat traps. Only professionals or rat exterminators can do this. Because rats are intelligent animals, they do not become a part of any prey so quickly. 

Glue traps 

We can capture the rats by using different traps. One of them is a glue trap. But glue trap is not preferable because it is considered inhumane. By using this trap, the rats will die not immediately but with a hiss. Moreover, the CDC also banned the use of this trap. Because capturing the rats from this trap is considered an unhygienic process. It can also lead to many other dangerous diseases. 

Live traps 

If you are sympathetic and don’t want to kill mice, use live traps for mice. However, the use of this trap is also not allowed by the CDC due to the same reasons as glue traps. Capture the rats by traps will only be effective if there is a large number of rats in your house. Search for some other treatment to get rid of mice. 

How can the Rat Exterminators Kill the Rats by Using Rodenticides?

If any other method fails to kill the rats, use rodenticides. Because by using rodenticides, the experts can successfully kill the rats. While using rodenticides, confirm that they are in expert hands. Because rodenticides are very toxic. Avoid their use without taking precautions.

It is a very effective method to kill a large number of rats. Rodenticides will poison the rats, and they will be dead. 

How the Tracking Powder May Prove Effective in Killing the Rats?  

If the rodenticides are not effective, you should use tracking powder. Because it is very effective in killing large numbers of rats. Take some precautions while using the tracking powder.  DIRAC is a commonly used tracking powder. 


It is an expensive but effective method to kill the rats. By using this method, you can treat rats. It is considered a more effective method to kill the rats. 

Cleanup Process 

Once the rat exterminators have killed the rats from your home, it is time to clean up your home. You should wear gloves and a face mask to clean your house, as rats are poisonous even if they are dead. Clean your home by using a vacuum cleaner and use antiseptic to remove the infestation from your home. 

How the Quick Pest Control Ottawa May Prove Helpful for You?

If you are in Ottawa or Canada and facing the problem of mice, you do not need to worry because Quick Pest Control Ottawa is always ready to help you. Please contact us if you want to use our services. We shall be there for you sooner or later. 

We have the best pest controllers and Rat Exterminators who can help you.  


Which smell do rats hate the most? 

They hate the smell of clove, garlic, onion, white vinegar, peppermint and house ammonia.  

Is rat extermination an expensive process?

The rat exterminators may charge from 200$ – 600$ depending upon the situation and infestation. 

Name the chemicals that we can use to kill the rats.

ANTU, red squill, and Warfarin are the chemicals that you can use to kill the rats. 


As we are discussing the Rat Exterminator, different companies provide valuable services for rat extermination. One of the best pest control agencies is Quick Pest Control Ottawa. They have the experts for every pest. They also have the best rat exterminators. If you are a resident of Ottawa and facing the same problem of rats, this is a good chance for you to contact Pest Control Ottawa. To get our assistance, you can contact us any time.