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Our topic of discussion is raccoons. Raccoons are medium-sized animals. Usually, they are not harmful to humans but bite humans in rare situations. If they bite us, they can cause many diseases. You cannot use homemade remedies and ultrasonic waves to remove them from your home because they are very sensible animals and can detect any planning against them.

Raccoon Exterminator

No one likes the presence of raccoons in his home. If you also have raccoons on your property, contact pest control agencies. Quick Pest Control Ottawa is also one of the best pest control agencies. We always prefer to treat them humanely. 

Raccoons in Garden

Raccoons always try to find food. They can choose your home as a food source. They eat flowers and rip up grass. In this way, they can damage your garden and cause financial problems by destroying or damaging the accessories of the yard. If you observe the presence of raccoons in your garden, follow the below strategies. 

Methods to remove Raccoons

You can use various methods to eliminate the raccoons from your home. You cannot use chemical ways and traps because they are very clever animals.

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Use Bright Light and Sharp Sound

Most of them turn to your house in search of comfort. If they make your yard their home, it can cause danger for you. You should follow some steps to get them out of your yard. They often visit someone’s house for comfort and use bright lights and sounds to scare them. Because they hate loud sounds and light. By doing this, they will likely leave your yard.

Remove Extra Bushes

Remove unnecessary bushes from your garden because this is their habitat. If they lose their house once, they do not return to that place again. In this way, you can make your home free of raccoons.

Grow Cucumber Plants

If you want to eliminate the raccoons from your garden, grow cucumber plants. It will stop them from entering your yard or garden. Raccoons hate the smell of cucumber plants. 

Use Garlic as Racoon Repellent

Mostly, raccoons hate garlic and cayenne pepper. Raccoons hate its smell. You have two choices. It is up to you whether you use this repellent as a spray or powder to sprinkle. 

Raccoon Exterminator

Use of Ammonia

Keep the tennis balls soaked in ammonia until the smell of ammonia is in the balls. Ammonia can also work as a raccoon repellent. Place these balls where you think raccoons are present. 

Feces of predators

Raccoons are the prey of wolves, bobcats, and coyotes. They are often scared of such predators and try to avoid them. So, if you put their feces in the house, it will make the raccoons think that their predators are already there.

Don’t let them get what they want

Mostly, they search for food, shelter, and water. You can take some quick steps to limit their entry into your home. Here are some central steps to avoid raccoons;

Close or seal all the entry points for raccoons.

Close all the access points from where raccoons can enter. You can use wooden boards, wired mesh, and netting. In this way, it will be difficult for raccoons to enter your home. 

Cover your ponds and pools 

Try to cover your ponds and pools because water is a thing that attracts raccoons toward your house. 

Avoid food scattering

Avoid food scattering because the food may attract the raccoons. If they get food from your house daily, they will become accustomed to your home. The cuteness of raccoons may make it convenient for you to feed them. Never make this mistake. If you do so, they may get used to it.

Treat your Garbage properly

Often, raccoons turn to houses in search of food. If they find food in your garbage cans, it will help them to find food.

Keep pet food out of raccoons’ reach

Pet food attracts raccoons the most. So, try to keep pets’ food away from the access of raccoons. 

Call a professional pest control team

Still, if you fail to eliminate raccoons from your home, contact a professional pest control team. You have to eliminate raccoons from your home. You cannot remove them using home remedies and traps because raccoons are very clever. 

Symptoms of having Racoons

There can be various symptoms that raccoons are present in your home. Some of them are below;

Unusual Sounds

Mostly, you will hear unusual sounds at night time. It may point out that you have raccoons in your home. 

Reversal of things in the garden

You will notice some strange changes in your garden. There will be holes in your garden. The raccoons may destroy your house. You may suffer a lot of financial loss.

Scattered garbage

Raccoons will also scatter your garbage in trash cans because they try to find the food. They will put all the trash out of garbage cans in search of food.

Quick Pest Control Ottawa

If you are in Ottawa or Canada and have a raccoon problem, contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. We have the best exterminators who will help to eliminate the pests. If you have raccoons in your house, exterminators can help you. Raccoons are wise and clever. So, you cannot remove them by using home remedies, traps, and chemicals because they can detect any planning against them. The expert exterminators of Quick Pest Control Ottawa have a lot of tips and tricks to eliminate raccoons. 

How will we help?

Our experts will help you to solve your problem in all possible ways. 

Inspection of Property

Firstly, we will examine and observe your property. We will see the area near you. This method will help us to understand the entry of raccoons. 

Stop entry

After this, we will try all the methods to eliminate the raccoons from your home. We always prefer humane methods to catch the raccoons.


We will also suggest tips and tricks to avoid the raccoons next time. Our pest controllers will help you to solve your problem. Feel free to contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa.


Why is it challenging to eliminate raccoons?

It is difficult to remove the raccoons from your home. The raccoons are clever and can detect all planings against them.

How are raccoons harmful to us?

Raccoons may cause a financial loss by destroying your house or garden accessories. In rare cases, raccoons can also bite us. Their bite can cause many diseases.

How can Quick Pest Control Ottawa help us?

The expert exterminators of Quick Pest Control Ottawa will try to eliminate raccoons in all possible ways. They have many tips and tricks to capture raccoons humanely.


If you are in Ottawa Canada and have a raccoon problem, contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. It is challenging to eliminate the raccoons by yourself. You have to call any pest control agency to eliminate raccoons. In this regard, Quick Pest Control Ottawa may prove helpful. Moreover, you can also use many methods to avoid raccoons by yourself.