How to Get Rid of Pharaoh Ant: Control & Extermination

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Pharaoh ant are very dangerous for human beings. They can cause many diseases. They are common house ants. Their sudden removal is necessary. Quick Pest Control Ottawa provides the services for pharaoh ants removal. Our exterminators use different techniques to remove them from your home. As they can cause health risks, take some quick steps to eliminate them from your home. 

Our exterminators use different repellents and insecticides to remove them from your home. Moreover, if you want to avoid their entry into your homes, fix the water leakage and reduce their food resources. Pharaoh ants can eat everything. But they like sweet things like jellies, soft drinks, fruits, and other things. 

How Pharaoh Ants Look Like? 

  • The pharaoh ants are tiny in their size. Their size is approximately 1/16 of an inch.
  • Their color is from yellow to reddish brown. 
  • They have big eyes, which help them to see in all directions. 
  • They lack a stinger. 
  • There are no spines in their thorax. 
  • The abdomen of an ant is usually darker in color.
  • They have a big head.  
  • Only the queen pharaoh ant has wings. Other ants do not have wings. 

Lifecycle of Pharaoh Ants

Female pharaoh ants can lay almost 400 eggs during their lifetime. In the early days of egg reproduction, pharaoh ants can lay 10 to 12 eggs. The eggs of pharaoh ants start hatching at almost 26 degrees Celsius after 5 to 7 days of egg laying. It takes approximately 45 days to complete the whole lifecycle of pharaoh ants.

The queen pharaoh ants can produce hundreds of workers soon. 

Nest of Pharaoh Ants

The nest of pharaoh ants is too small. You may see the nest of pharaoh ants in the furniture, corners of walls, laundry, and carpets. They prefer to nest in dark and warm places. They nest in unhygienic areas like bathrooms, drains, sewerage pipes, and operating wards. 

What Attracts the Ants most?

The regular entry of any pest in your home indicates that something is drawing them towards your property. If you see the pharaoh ants, look for their attention. Here are some reasons for pharaoh ants in your home:

Food Source

Every living creature needs food to survive. So is with the pharaoh ants. If there is food debris in your home, ants may settle there. Ants will try to stay there if they get food regularly. If you want to eliminate them from your home, eliminate the food sources of ants. 

They are naturally attracted to food sources. They eat the dead insects and other unhygienic materials. They also love to eat sweet things. Remove the scattered food if you want to restrict the pharaoh ants.


Like other ants, pharaoh ants also love to eat sweet food materials. You will often observe that the ants are sticking to the sweet food particles. Avoid the scattering of sweet food like sugar, syrups, and others.


Ants need water to survive. The ants will never jump into the water tank directly. They will find tiny water sources. If you have leakages in your water pipes, the ants may settle in your property to fulfill their water needs.


Shelter is the most attractive thing for the ants. As pharaoh ants are too small, they can nest in little places. They may settle in the laundry, under the carpet, in the furniture, and in the corners. If there are holes in your walls, it is the best shelter for ants.

Warm and humid places

Unlike other ants, pharaoh ants like to stay in dark, warm, and humid places. Therefore, they can settle in the warm areas of your home where nobody comes.


Here are some precautions to avoid the pharaoh ants on your property. 


Improve the hygiene of your property. If your home or ward is not clean, the pharaoh ants may stay there forever. Avoid the scattering of food particles, particularly the sweet food materials.

Inspection of home

Unlike other ants, pharaoh ants like warm places. They prefer to nest in dark, small, hot, and humid areas. If you know such less noticeable places in your home, check them. Also, you should use sprays and essential oils in such places to avoid the entry of pharaoh ants.


Fix some common issues to restrict the ants. Check if you are having any leakage in your water pipes. Fix these issues because it may be a food and water source for pharaoh ants.

Killing Methods for Pharaoh Ants

If the pharaoh ants are on your property, exterminate them soon. Here are the methods to kill or remove the ants from your area.

Diatomaceous Earth

It acts like a non-toxic insecticide. You can use it in the nesting places of ants. You can solve your problem using this insecticide. 


Vinegar is considered one of the most effective ways to kill the pests. If you use vinegar to clean your home, it will restrict their entry. Moreover, it is not harmful to human beings. It will only affect the ants.

Peels of Oranges and Lemon

Interestingly, you can use peels of lemons and oranges as ant repellents. The substance (D-Limonene) in the peels of oranges and lemons causes irritation and disturbance for the ants. You can use the lemon peels to exterminate the ants from your home.


You can use the insecticides to kill the ants quickly. Insecticides are fast-working chemicals that can kill ants within no time. Though you can kill the ants quickly with pesticides, they also harm them. Some insecticides are very toxic. They will kill the ants and cause suffocation or irritation in humans. People with weak immune systems have more penalties from insecticides. Therefore, be careful while using the insecticides.

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Contacting the pest control agency

If none of the methods are adequate for you, contact the pest control agency. The pest controlling agencies have a lot of tips and tricks to help you with your problem. They can better handle the case than you. Calling a pest control agency is better than wasting your time and money. You can contact any pest control agency for your help. But, if you want satisfactory assistance, contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa.

What is Quick Pest Control Ottawa? 

Quick Pest Control Ottawa is a pest-killing and controlling agency. It provides services in Ottawa and Canada. Just call us and enjoy our services to kill or eliminate all the pests from your home. Our exterminators have a lot of experience. They are experts in their doings. 

Our pest-controlling company has many plus points. You can enjoy a lot of facilities other than pest killings, 

Why is it Preferable to Hire the Quick Pest Control Ottawa? 

You can hire Quick Pest Control Ottawa for the following reasons. 

Humane Pest Capturing Methods 

We prefer to capture rodents and other pests by using humane methods. We trap the prey without killing or even hurting them. Because we know how important it is to save the species, these species may become endangered or extinct if we kill them.

Service Providing in the Whole of Canada 

We provide pest control services in Canada. Everyone present in Canada can enjoy our services.

Fast Services 

Our exterminators are very quick in their work. They can make your home pest-free within no time. The Quick Pest Control Ottawa Provides fast services to control the pests in your home. 


Our exterminators will also guide you to use different treatments and pesticides to prevent pests from re-entering your home. 

Best Exterminators 

Quick Pest Control Ottawa has the best and most talented exterminators. Our exterminators can treat pests very well using their experience and different techniques. 

Best Techniques 

We use licensed techniques. We assure the wildlife management to use the procedures approved by them. 

Selection of Pest Controlling Methods According to Wishes of Customer

We use pest-killing or controlling techniques according to the will of our customers. We prefer the choice of our customer.


What do pharaoh ants hate? 

Pharaoh ants hate the smell of bay leaves due to their strong odor. You can also use them as a repellent for pharaoh ants. 

Why are pharaoh ants called so? 

It was believed that pharaonic ants were the plague of Egypt during the pharaoh’s reign. That is why they are such.

Can queen pharaoh ant fly? 

Yes, the queen pharaoh ants have wings. They can fly. 


Pharaoh ants may prove very dangerous for you. So, to remove them urgently, you should contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. Our experts will treat them as soon as possible. Our exterminators use different insecticides and other sprays to control or kill them. Just call us and enjoy our services throughout Canada.