How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Effectively and Humanely

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Groundhog Removal is similar to squirrels, two feet in size and 10 pounds in weight. Usually, they are not aggressive animals. They are not very harmful to us, but they can damage your lawn and fruity trees. Due to this reason, most people do not like them in their house and want to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

Groundhog Removal St. Louis MO

In this case, they use different repellent tracks and other homemade remedies. If everything fails to remove them, contact the best pest control company. Professional exterminators have their methods and techniques to remove them. Moreover, they also have experience of many years to capture the pests. 

In this regard, Quick Pest Control Ottawa may prove worth living for you. We have the best exterminators to solve your problem. Before contacting us, we will tell you how to treat them yourself. You can use many different repellents and braids for this purpose. 

What are Groundhogs? 

Groundhogs are rodents and may look similar to squirrels. Woodchucks and whistle-pigs are the alternative names of groundhogs. They are primarily herbivores in nature. They eat flowers, vegetables, and small insects. They may be up to two feet in size and 10 pounds in weight. They are brown and have round bodies. 

Groundhog is not an aggressive animal. They are not harmful to us, but they may destroy your lawn, trees, and alfalfa.

Damages Caused by Groundhogs  

Groundhogs may prove very harmful. As they are herbivores, they can damage the plants. They will destroy the plants and alfalfa present in your lawn. They can also make deep holes in your garden, which can be very unsightly. If you want to keep your garden beautiful and lush, eliminate them from your home as soon as possible. 

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Hire the Best Pest Exterminators 

If everything fails to solve your problem, it is time to hire professional exterminators. The exterminators have many techniques and tips to capture the pests. They can do it better than you. It will be a better option to hire the exterminators than treating them by yourself. 

Quick Pest Control Ottawa 

If you are a resident of Ottawa or Canada and searching for the best pest control company, then your search ends here. The Quick Pest Control Ottawa is always there to help you. We have the best pest controllers. We provide the services in Ottawa and all over Canada. Our experts will try to make your home free from pests. Just call us, and soon, we will help you.

How will our Experts Help you?

Our experts have their methods to make your home pest-free. They use different techniques to remove the groundhogs from your garden. 


Firstly, our exterminators will check your whole home to see where the groundhogs are present. After inspecting your home, they will plan their strategy depending on the severity of your problem. Then, they will make rapid steps accordingly. 

Removal of Groundhogs from your Garden 

After inspecting your home, our experts will use different techniques depending on the severity of the problem. We use various traps. We prefer to use the live traps because we want to remove them from your home and not want to kill them. We use the techniques to eliminate them from your garden. We prefer the life of groundhogs. 

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We capture them by using traps and techniques. After catching them, we send them to the forests or other places away from your city.

Make other Steps to Restrict their Entry 

After making your home free from the groundhogs, we take other steps to restrict their entry into your home. In this case, we use different fences and different chemicals. Due to the barriers and other chemicals, the groundhogs cannot enter your home again.  

By just calling us, you can get our services. We provide you with the best services and try to serve our company as customer care. 

Why to hire the Quick Pest Control Ottawa 

There are many reasons to hire Quick Pest Control Ottawa

Remote service delivery 

Quick Pest Control Ottawa provides the services not only in Ottawa but also in Canada. Everyone in Canada can enjoy our services by hiring us. We have the best exterminators who can help you with your problem. 

Familiar with Canadian Rules and Laws 

We have licensed and certified techniques to remove the pest from your property. We are fully aware of the Canadian rules and wildlife management. We ensure that we use all these techniques granted by wildlife management and pest control. 

Humane Methods to Remove the Pests 

We prefer the life of animals. So, we try to use humane methods. We send them to their natural habitat rather than killing them. We know in the present era how it is necessary to save the species. We use very gentle methods to remove the pests from your home. We understand how Canada is struggling to protect its species. 

Use of Advanced Equipment 

We use the latest equipment to remove the squirrels and other pests from your home. Using the most delinquent equipment is necessary because we want your home to be less affected by pest removal.

Solutions for customers will 

Every client has different circumstances. He has various points to remove squirrels from his home. So, we make strategies according to the customer’s will. We remove the pests from our client’s homes by treatment or planning.


Are groundhogs harmful to us? 

Usually, they do not bite humans but can transfer rabies to humans. In this way, they may be very harmful to us.

Is there any spray for the groundhogs? 

Yes, different sprays are available for groundhogs. I Must Garden Groundhogs Repellent is one of them. It is very effective in killing groundhogs. 

Which smells do groundhogs hate the most? 

They hate the smell of garlic, mint, lavender, basil, sage, thyme, chives, rosemary and oregano. 


You can eliminate them by yourself. If you want to remove them from your garden, call the pest control agency. You can choose one of the best pest control agencies. Quick Pest Control Ottawa is one of the best agencies. You can choose us to solve your problems. We have the best pest exterminators. They use different strategies and tricks to make your home free from all the pests, including the groundhogs. Just make a call to us.