How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ant

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There are over 12,000 varieties of ants in the world. Carpenter ants are one of them. The Carpenter ant are not directly harmful to human beings. But they can cause severe losses in indirect ways. Carpenter ants own their name because of their wood-living nature. Do not think that termites and Carpenter ants are the same. The termites feed on wood. While the carpenter ants only nest in the wood. These ants chew the wood to make a track or nest. These ants can damage your wooden accessories. Therefore, it is necessary to exterminate these ants from your property.

There are several ways to remove the carpenter ants. You can use any of them. If you cannot exterminate the carpenter ants, contact an agency. Many pest control agencies can provide you with assistance. But if you want satisfactory results, contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. We have expert exterminators to help you with your problem. 

What are Carpenter Ants?

The Carpenter ants own their name because they deform the wood. These ants chew the wood to make a tunnel or nest. Though these ants do not eat the wood, they can make it hollow. The carpenter ants like to nest in moist or damp woods. They start scratching the wood to make a hole inside it.

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Harms of Carpenter Ants

The Carpenter ants are harmful to the environment. They cause the following harm:

Skin infections.

Wood damage.

Food poisoning

Property damage.

Disturbs the normal functioning of life.

Severe health issues.

Painful sensation on their bite.

Identification of Carpenter Ants

The carpenter ants can vary in size from 12 mm (0.5 inches) to 20 mm (1 inch). Their color could be reddish-brown, yellowish, black, or full brown. Moreover, the Carpenter ants have bent antennas. Their body shape is oval. Like other ants, they also have six legs. The Carpenter ants have strong mandibles that can cause painful sensation if they bite. They have circular hairs on the abdominal portion. Moreover, they also have a node between the thorax and abdominal part.

Carpenter Ant

If you see any insects that relate to these identifications, remove them soon. The carpenter ants nest in the wooden accessories. The scratches on your wood material indicate the presence of carpenter ants. 

Life Cycle of Carpenter Ants

The fertilizing queens lay almost 15-20 eggs after nesting in the moist or damp wood. After hatching the eggs, the young carpenter ants are born.

The queen Carpenter ants feed the newborn ants with salivary secretions. The queen ant does not eat the nest or wood. 

The new workers are responsible for the gathering of food for the larvae. They are responsible for enlarging the nest and protection of pupae and larvae. The carpenter ants can increase their population soon. Some reproductive carpenter ants also have wings to fly away. They fly away so they may establish new colonies.

What Attracts the Ants most?

The ants may nest anywhere and anytime. They do not have any specific place. They will settle where they can find the necessary elements to survive. The Carpenter ants have a natural attraction toward the damp woods. They love to nest there. There may be some reasons for the tendency of ants toward your home.

Food Sources

The Carpenter ants do not feed on the wood. They nest there. The carpenter feeds on dead insects, food debris, sweet things like syrup, and other edible materials.

Carpenter Ant

If you want to prevent the carpenter ants, avoid food scattering. Collect all the food debris quickly to prevent the ants. Moreover, remove the dead insects because ants also eat the dead meat.

Water Sources

Like all ants, carpenter ants also need water to thrive. Moreover, the carpenter ants also like the damp places. If you have leakage in your water pipes, fix them soon. Otherwise, the ants will not delay in making their home there. 


The shelter has a fundamental place in surviving. If there are nest sources of ants, they will settle there. The Carpenter ants like to nest in the woods. 

Carpenter Ant

They will settle in the damp wood. These ants chew the wood to make a nest. The carpenter ants like the soft wood to chew it comfortably. They will make holes or tunnels inside it to make a passageway.


Carpenter ants like moist places because of cooling. They will settle there for a better lifestyle. Spray regularly on damp areas like the basement to prevent the ants.

How to Discard Carpenter ants

You can discard or exterminate the carpenter ants on your own. Here are some natural ways to remove the ants. 


You can use the detergents to discard the ants. The ants have less ability to see. They track their paths by a special serum they secrete. If you use detergents or soaps to clean your floor, it will distract them. The detergents are easy to use and safe for humans and pests. 


The ants detect their path due to their sensation of smell. The smell of pepper is irritating for the ants. It can help you to distract them from your home. They cannot detect their path because of the smell of pepper. You can sprinkle black or red pepper to divert them.

Natural Oils

You can use various natural oils to restrict the ants. You can use the cinnamon leaf, pepper, lemon, neem, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils to eliminate ants. 

Peels of Lemon and Oranges

The peels of lemons and oranges have a substance that irritates the ants. You can use it as an ant repellent.


You can also use vinegar to clean your floor. It will make a difficult for ants to smell and track their path.


The use of insecticides is a quick removal procedure. You can use it to repel the ants. Do not forget that some insecticides are harmful to children and pets. Always buy insecticides that are not harmful to other living creatures.

Contact a Pest Control Agency

If the above methods are not working, contact the pest control agency. The exterminators can handle it better than you. Let them do their job after calling them. They have various tips and tricks to help you with your problem.

Quick Pest Control Ottawa

There are various pest control agencies, but contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa for satisfactory services. We have an expert team of exterminators to help you with your problem. We prefer the methods that are less harmful methods to exterminate the pests from your home. If you have carpenter ants on your property, contact us. Here are our working principles.

How will we help?


Firstly, we will make observations. We will inspect the indoor and outdoor areas where ants can nest. We will see the nesting places of ants so we may think something about their elimination.


Next to it, we will plan to exterminate the carpenter ants. We will also design a plan to use sprays that are not harmful to other living creatures.


Then, we will treat the carpenter ants to remove them from your home. We will try not to disturb your routine. We will use sprays to remove the Carpenter ants.

Carpenter Ant

Ant Baits

Ant baits contain poison. When the ants enter these baits, the poison will kill them. We will also install the ant baits in specific areas to restrict the ants.

Qualities of Quick Pest Control Ottawa

Here are some qualities of Quick Pest Control Ottawa that make it unique. 

Expert Exterminators

We have an expert team of exterminators to help you with your problem. Our exterminators have a lot of experience. We can handle all the pests.


Our exterminators are well-experienced. Our knowledge is the proof of our experience. 

Humane procedures

We prefer humane procedures. We try not to harm the pests. Protection of pests is our priority.

Unique Equipment

We have unique equipment along with the experience. We use this equipment to eliminate the pests safely.

Well aware of Canadian Pest Management

We are well aware of the rules and regulations of Canadian pest management. We value the life of pests. We try not to harm them. Our pest controllers will exterminate the pests and rescue them. We will transfer the pests to a safe location after capturing them.

Access to Remote Areas

We provide our services to remote areas. We have branches in many other places. Therefore, we can access our customers soon.

Quick Services

We provide quick assistance to our customers. Our services are less time-consuming. We try not to disturb the normal functioning of life.


Our exterminators will also suggest some precautions to avoid the ants or other pests next time. It can prevent you from future ant problems.


Can I eliminate the carpenter ants permanently?

Yes, maybe! You cannot remove them forever but for a long time. If you eliminate the damp wood from your property, you can avoid them. Moreover, if you get help from our well-experienced exterminators, it will be fruitful.

How can carpenter ants harm us?

The carpenter ants can harm us by damaging our wooden accessories. Moreover, their bite can cause painful sensations and allergic skin infections.

How can Quick Pest Control Ottawa help me?

The expert exterminators will treat the carpenter ants better than you. They have a lot of tips and tricks to help you with your problem. They will use effective procedures to exterminate the carpenter ants from your home.


The carpenter ants own their name because of their wood-loving nature. They love to nest in the damp woods. In this way, they can cause financial loss. If you notice their presence in your home, contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. We have an expert team of exterminators to help you with your problem. You will be at an advantage if you call Quick Pest Control Ottawa.