How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs – The Ultimate Guide for 2023

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Bed bugs are insects of small size. They grow by drinking the blood of humans and other living creatures. Their bigness is almost equal to the seed of an apple. Yet, no studies have proven them harmful to humans. But when they bite us, some people feel itchy and allergic. For this, we should prevent them.

Bed bugs Treatment

You can treat them in your home. You can also contact an agency or company to avoid bed bugs. There are multiple symptoms if you have bed bugs. Wash your curtains, bed sheets, and other things in hot water to prevent bed bugs. You can also use many chemicals.

If you still fail to prevent them, contact a pest control agency. In this regard, Pest Control Ottawa may prove pretty helpful for you. They have experts who can help you to make your home free from bed bugs and other pests. 

Bed bugs 

Bed bugs are insects of small size. They have flat bodies that help them to fit into any small space. They can reproduce about four to five times a year. A female bed bug may lay 150 or more eggs at a time. Very young bed bugs are yellow. With time, they feed up the blood, and it turns into a reddish color. They can cause allergies in humans. We should take the necessary measures to avoid them. 

Steps to get rid of bed bugs

Here, we will guide you step by step on how you can get rid of bed bugs. Firstly, you should check all those places where bed bugs could exist. We can not deny the fact that bed bugs are present all over. But mostly, they are present in our beds, ceilings, and other open places. You should take the following steps to confirm the presence of bed bugs in your house and to make your home free from them. 

Check for bed bugs.  

The first thing you should do is check if you have bed bugs in your home or not. If you are sure they are present in your home, you should check the places where they may be present. To find bed bugs, you should check your entire home, especially the following areas, as they are more likely to harbor bed bugs. 

  • Check under your carpet.
  • In the joints of your furniture. 
  • Check out your cushions and bed sheets.
  • They may be present in the ceiling of your home. 

Use a flashlight or any other lighting instrument. Check these areas very carefully and look for bedbugs or their eggs.  

Use of vacuum cleaner for sucking the bed bugs. 

If you have noticed the bed bugs in your home, the time has come to kick them out. Firstly, get a vacuum cleaner and start sucking the bed bugs off the cushion, bed, or something else. After sucking the bed bugs from all these areas, remove them from your home.

 Now, wash all the affected things. And dry them in direct sunlight. By doing all these things, you can successfully remove them while still keeping the infestation alive.

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Kill the bed bugs

You can get rid of bed bugs by killing them. There are two different methods to kill them. You can use any way from them to kill bed bugs. 

  • Chemical methods
  • Non-chemical methods.   

Non-chemical methods to kill bed bugs

Firstly, we will discuss the non-chemical ways to kill bed bugs. 

Killing bed bugs with extremely hot or cold temperatures

Temperature is always an effective way to kill bacteria and other pests. So, we will do the same thing with bed bugs. To do this, wash all the items in hot water for about 30 minutes. After washing them, dry all these items in a dryer or direct sunlight. 

You can also do this process with extremely low temperatures. For this purpose, put all the affected things in a refrigerator or freezer. Keep them there for about 30-40 minutes. And make sure that all the bed bugs are dead.

Use of steamer for killing the bed bugs

You can also use steam to kill the bed bugs and all other pests. To kill them with heat, you will need a steamer. Put couches, bed sheets, and other things in a steamer. This method will be effective for you to get rid of bed bugs. 

Mattress encasement 

The mattress cover is a bug-proof material. It restricts the entry of bed bugs into the mattress. In this way, you can make your mattress free from bed bugs. Inside the enclosure are various nets and barriers, which kill bed bugs when they enter the mattress and prevent you from being bitten by bed bugs while you sleep.

Use of desiccants for killing bed bugs

The use of desiccant is a very effective way to kill bed bugs. Diatomaceous earth and silica aerogel are two commonly used desiccants. These desiccants will damage or destroy the protective covering of bed bugs. Bed bugs are nothing without their protective shield. Sooner, they will kill.  

Chemical methods to kill bed bugs 

You can also use chemical methods to kill the bed bugs. Following are the chemical ways that we can use to kill bed bugs. 

Bed bugs Treatment

Use of Insecticides      

If Non-Chemical methods fail to kill bed bugs, then you should use chemical ways to kill them. For this purpose, the use of insecticides is effective. Pyrethrins, pyrethroids, chlorfenapyr, and neonicotinoids are very common insecticides. These insecticides may prove very effective in killing bed bugs. 

Use of Bug bombs

You can also use bug bombs. They are very effective in killing pests, especially bed bugs. These are highly toxic for both bed bugs and humans. Take safety measures while using them.  

Check The affected areas after a week

After this treatment, you should check the affected areas after a week. Do this for a few months. Still, if you notice something about bed bugs, begin the process again. 

Get help from the pest control agency.

Still, if you fail to remove bed bugs, contact any Pest control agency. These agencies are very fast and effective in their doings. In this way, Quick Pest Control Agency Ottawa may prove very effective. So, contact them, and they will do their best to make your home free from bed bugs. 

How Quick Pest Control Ottawa Agents can help you?

Pest control agents have multiple plans to help you. We start our work by searching for the bugs. Once we notice their presence, we will manage our strategies according to the situation.

Different treatments to kill bed bugs 

Our experts will perform multiple tasks to remove bed bugs and other pests from your house. 

Heat treatment 

If you want to kill bed bugs, use heat treatment. We prefer this treatment to kill pests. In this method, we will raise the internal temperature of your home. We will increase the temperature until it becomes unbearable for bed bugs. At that temperature, the bed bugs will be dead. 

Steam treatment 

This treatment is a steam process. It is a very safe and less toxic treatment. 

Chemical treatment 

If the infestation is minor, then this treatment will be best. In this treatment, our experts use different chemicals to solve your problem.


What smells do bed bugs hate? 

Bed bugs hate the smell of Paraffin oil, silicone oil, orange blood, and spearmint oil. 

Are bed bugs harmful to your health?

Bed bugs can cause allergic reactions and can cause many other skin problems. 

Do bed bugs dislike light? 

Yes! Bed bugs are indeed light-hating pests. Mostly, they are present in the dark place and dislike to come in the light areas.

How can we get rid of bed bugs permanently?

 We can use High heat, bleach, alcohol, and diatomaceous earth to kill bed bugs instantly and permanently. 

What is the average lifespan of bed bugs? 

The average lifespan of bed bugs is about 2-4 months. They may survive for 5-6 months or even for a year. 

How to prevent bed bugs? 

To reduce the number of bed bugs in your home, reduce the hiding places. When there are fewer hiding places in your home, there will be low chances of hiding the bed bugs in your home.  


Bed bugs are small insects. They may cause many skin problems. If your home also contains bed bugs, you should take some safety measures to restrict their entrance into your home. If everything fails to kill them, contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. They are very famous for controlling or eliminating the pests. Hopefully, this article will be pretty helpful for you.