How to Get Rid of a Bees Nest 

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Bees play a central role in maintaining the ecosystem. We all are well aware of the benefits of bees. Though bees are not harmful usually, people do not like their presence. Bees will never harm you unless you disturb them. People do not want to share their habitat with these annoying insects. You can deal with some bees. But when it comes to the nest of bees, it is impossible to eliminate them. 

Bee nest removal can be a challenging process for you. You can use various methods and ways to eliminate bees. If none of the methods are proven effective, call pest exterminators. There are many pest control agencies, and Quick Pest Control Ottawa is the best agency. You can contact this agency anytime. Our expert professionals prefer the human elimination or removal of pests.

Why is the Removal of Bees necessary?

Bees can harm us in rare cases. It is necessary to eliminate the nest of bees. If the bees are less in number, you will not worry. It can be difficult for you to deal with bee hives. Here are some reasons to remove bee hives.

Bee Sting

The bees can bite you in aggression. Though bees are calm insects, they can bite you if you disturb them. Bees do not tolerate even the slightest disturbance and immediately attack the target. They do not see whether someone has disturbed them intentionally or accidentally. They immediately attack those who cause trouble for them. 

Any child may hit the nest of bees. Bees do not care about this. They will attack their target.

Infection by Bee Sting 

If bees bite anyone, he may get an infection. The sting of bees can cause swelling in the infected area. Their sting can also cause serious health issues if you are allergic to bees. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate bees to avoid future problems.

Aggression of Bees

Bees will never harm you unless you disturb them. If you make them angry, they may attack you in anger. It can disfavor you. If your luck is not on your side, instead of one or two, many bees may attack you. Bees are very possessive about their shelter and security. If you try to harm their nest, they will attack you. 

Moreover, they may not get enough nectar when flower season is out. It can also be a reason for the aggression of bees. You have to eliminate bees from your home. 

Attract other Pests or Insects

Though bees are not harmful, they can attract many harmful insects to your home. That is also a reason that you should remove bees from your home. 

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Best Ways to Remove Beehive

There are many ways you can use to eliminate bees from your home. Calling the pest control agency is the best method. Before contacting any agency, try to solve it by yourself. Here are some simple home remedies to remove the nest of bees.

Use of sprays

If there is a nest of bees in your home, use sprays to eliminate all the bees. As bees play a central role in the maintenance of the ecosystem, you cannot use bee-killing sprays. Choose such sprays that will not kill the bees. Many bee removal sprays are available to remove bees without killing them. The use of pesticides is a long-term solution.

The smell of spray can irritate the bees. It will force them to leave your property. Here are some safety guidelines. Follow these guidelines to eliminate the bees without any physical harm.

  • Wear a protective suit. 
  • Cover your face to avoid any allergic reaction on your face.
  • Use red light because bees cannot see in the red light. 
  • Stay away from the beehive because bees may attack you in haste.
  • Use sprays at night time because it is the time when all bees are present in the nest.

Use of Bee Nest Eliminating powder

Bee removal sprays and powders work in the same way. You should read all the instructions on the spray or powder. Cover your body parts to avoid the sting of bees. Bees can attack you in irritation. So, try to wear a protective and safe dress to stay safe. 

Home Remedies

If you are a sympathetic person, you will prefer humane ways. Home remedies will help you to keep your environment and surroundings safe. Here are many home remedies for the removal of bees.

Use of Vinegar

Vinegar can prove helpful in eliminating the bee nest. You can get it from any store. You can use vinegar as a strong anti-bee product or repellent. Here are two ways to use vinegar as bee repellent.

Smell of Vinegar

The best way is to keep them away with the help of the odor of vinegar. For this process, add vinegar to some water cans. Put these cans near the nest of bees. It will irritate bees and force them to go away from your area.

Spray of Vinegar

Take water and vinegar in the same amount in a spray bottle. Now, you can spray vinegar as an anti-bee pesticide. Remember that it may affect the flying ability of bees. This process can also kill the bees.

DIY Bee Trap

DIY is the acronym for Do It Yourself. It means you do not need to spend your money to buy a bee trap. You can make it at home. All you need is a container with a narrow entrance or opening and any attractive product for bees. Put the bee trap near the bees. Do not forget to add any stunning things for bees. You can use nectar or something else that can attract bees toward itself. 

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Bees will enter the trap by the lure of the nectar but cannot come out. An entanglement means something possible to enter but impossible to exit. It will help you to eliminate bees from your home. 

Fire Smoke

If you place fire near the bees, they will leave your area. The smell of smoke will force them to think that there is a burning forest near them. Bees are scared of fire. They will try to leave this area and move to any safe location. There are very few chances of their return.

Cucumber and Aluminum

You can use cucumber and aluminum surfaces to keep bees away from your property. The smell of cucumber and aluminum will irritate the bees. Following is the procedure to make this remedy.

  • Cut the cucumber into slices.
  • Place it on an aluminum surface. 
  • Let aluminum and cucumber react.

The reaction of cucumber and aluminum will create a smell that bees hate.


Here is a spice, cinnamon. This spice can prove helpful in removing the hive of bees. If you sprinkle the cinnamon on the beehive, they will leave it instantly. Bees hate the smell of cinnamon, and they cannot tolerate it. 

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

Ultrasonic pest repellent is a high-frequency sound-producing device to keep pests away. You can also use it to repel household pests or bees. It will not kill them. It will scare bees. You can use it for the elimination of bees and other pests.

Bee Repellent Plants

All pests must hate something. Plants are one of them. You can grow many plants in your garden as bee repellents. Here are some plants that can act as bee repellent.

  • Cucumber
  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon
  • Pennyroyal
  • Eucalyptus
  • Cloves
  • Citronella 

If you grow these plants in your home, bees will not come.

Some Oils

Bees do not like the smell of eucalyptus, peppermint, and mint. There are many other oils that bees dislike. You can spray these oils near your residential area. It will keep bees away.


Bees also hate the odor of citronella. Citronella candles are available in the market. You buy and burn them to keep the bees away from your property.

Citrus Spray

You can make your bee-repellent spray. Follow the following procedure to form a citrus spray.

Start with boiling the water. Add any fruit that has citric acid. 

Let it boil until it is one-third of the original water volume.

When the solution is cold, pour it into a spray bottle. 

Now, you can use your citrus spray to repel the bees.

Quick Pest Control Ottawa

If any method is still not working for you, contact any pest control agency. If you are in Ottawa or Canada, do not worry. Quick Pest Control Ottawa agency provides services all over Canada. Our expert exterminators will eliminate the pests from your home. We prefer humane procedures to eliminate bees or other pests. If you contact us, we will assess you soon. Our exterminators satisfy their customers with their work.

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Quick Pest Control Ottawa complies with all rules and regulations of Canada. We fulfill all the requirements of Canadian Pest Management. We treat the pests humanely and move them to a safe location.

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Are there any benefits of bees?

Yes! Bees play a central role in the maintenance of the ecosystem. They are significant in maintaining the food chain. Also, bees provide honey that we can use in various fields.

Is there any method that can repel bees permanently?

Well! There is no way to repel the bees forever. They may come back, even after treatment. You may use various strategies to restrict the future nesting of bees.

Why should I choose Quick Pest Control Ottawa for bee nest removal?

There are many reasons to choose Quick Pest Control Ottawa. We have expert and professional exterminators, humane procedures, and experience.


Bees play a central role in the ecosystem and food chain. Bees also initiate pollination and provide honey. Therefore, it is not wise to kill the bees. Repel them in various ways. If you fail to keep them away, contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. This agency provides services all over Canada. We will deal with bees humanely as we are familiar with their importance.