Cockroach Elimination in Homes and Apartments

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Cockroach Pest Control, Cockroaches are the most common pests of the time. They spread many diseases like diarrhea, food poisoning, sore throat, and eye irritation. They can also poison the prepared food. Due to all these reasons, many people don’t like their presence in their homes and want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Female cockroaches can lay more than 50 eggs at a this way, their population increases rapidly.

Cockroach Pest Control

It is difficult to banish the cockroaches from your home by yourself. If you try it yourself, you can use many sprays, liquid concentrates, baking soda, borax, boric acids, and essential oils. If still, you fail in your doings, contact a pest control agency which will solve your problem by their methods. In this case, Pest Control Ottawa may prove very helpful.  

Here, we will guide you step by step. How can you remove the cockroaches from your home and make your home cockroach-free? In this regard, you must contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. We have experts and exterminators with many years of experience. 

How can the Cockroaches get Entry to my Clean House? 

It doesn’t matter for cockroaches whether the sanitary conditions of your home are good or not. They move to the places where they get food and shelter for them. So, you can see the cockroaches in your cleanest house. They enter your home from the holes, pipelines, and cracks in your home. 

How can we Avoid the Entrance of Cockroaches in our Homes?

As we know, cockroaches enter our homes from the holes and cracks of walls. If you also want to restrict their entry, you should fill these holes and crevices and reduce their food sources after eliminating them. Because food attracts them, keep food in tightly packed jars.

By following these steps, you can eliminate the entry of cockroaches into your home to some extent. 

Disadvantages of the Presence of Cockroaches in Homes

If the cockroaches are present in your home, this may be an alarm for you. You have to take some fast steps to remove them from your houses. They can cause diseases like eye irritation, sore throat, food poisoning, and diarrhea. So you have to remove them from your home as soon as possible. 

In addition to illness, they can poison your food and embarrass you in front of your guests. If your guests or friends see them in our kitchen or cabinet, it will embarrass you. For sure, you will not tolerate their presence in your house anymore. Remove them as soon as possible. 

How can we remove cockroaches from our homes using a home rectifier or remedies?

If a few cockroaches are present in your, you can remove them by using home remedies without any chemicals. House remedies may prove effective in killing cockroaches. If you have cockroaches in your home, you may need to remove them using chemicals or hiring cockroach exterminators. Here, we will guide you on how you can remove cockroaches by using home remedies. 

Use of Baking Soda in Killing the Cockroaches 

This remedy is powerful and effective for killing cockroaches. Above all, it is affordable and accessible to all. Grab a small onion and a pinch of baking soda to make a home remedy. Cut the onion and spread or sprinkle the baking soda on it. You have to put this mixture in a tray. 

Cockroach Pest Control

Place this tray in the place where you feel the presence of cockroaches. After eating it, sooner the cockroaches will burst and die. 

Use of Boric Acid in Killing the Cockroaches 

Boric acid is a substance which is harmful only to cockroaches. It will not affect humans and other animals. To make this effective remedy, take a paper plate and spread the boric acid on it. Place the orange peel or peanut butter on it and put that paper plate in the place where you notice the presence of cockroaches.

After eating it, the cockroaches will die sooner. It affects the nervous and digestive systems of cockroaches. It will cause their death. 

Role of Borax in Killing the Cockroaches 

Borax is a substance available in powdered form. It may prove to be a very effective substance for killing cockroaches. Mix the borax with white table sugar to make this remedy. Now, throw this powder to the place where you feel the presence of cockroaches. It will cause the rapid death of cockroaches. 

Use of Citrus in Killing the Roaches 

Cockroaches hate the smell of citrus, especially the smell of lemon. Put some drops of lemon oil into the bucketful of water. Now, wash your floor with this water. It may serve as a powerful remedy against the roaches. 

Use of Essential Oils in Killing the Cockroaches 

Add some drops of essential oils in the water. Spray this mixture to the place where you see the cockroaches. It is very effective for killing the cockroaches. 

Chemical Methods for Killing the Cockroaches 

If homemade remedies fail to kill cockroaches, you have to try chemical methods or sprays to kill cockroaches. 

Use of Glue Traps and Set Bait Traps for Killing the Cockroaches 

As its name indicates, a glue trap means a glue-having tangle. Glue traps are like a sheet with adhesive spread on their surface. Place this trap near the cockroaches. Its smell attracts the cockroaches. When cockroaches step up to it, the glue trap will capture them. It is a very effective method for killing cockroaches. 

Set bait traps work on almost the same principle. It attracts the cockroaches. And after killing the poison, the cockroaches will die. 

Role of Liquid Concentrate in Killing the Cockroaches 

It is a liquid substance. Spray it in the corners and other places where you see the cockroaches. It will kill them instantly. 

Insect Growth Regulators 

They are also like sprays and kill roaches instantly. Mostly, we use it to decrease the infestation caused by cockroaches or other pests. 

Use of Spray Pesticides in Killing the Cockroaches 

If you have tried anything, you must try the spray pesticides. Because they are very effective in their doings. Moreover, they have long-lasting effects. 

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Get Help from Cockroach Exterminators 

If everything fails to remove cockroaches, it is time to hire the cockroach exterminators. Now, only they can solve your problem. In this way, the Quick Pest Control Ottawa may prove very helpful for you in solving your problem. We have experienced experts. They will tackle your problem. 

How will Quick Pest Control Ottawa Cockroach Exterminators Kill the Cockroaches? 

Here, we will guide you on how our professionals can solve your problem. Our experts take the following steps to control the cockroach infestation.

 Look for the Cockroaches 

Our experts will see your whole home to check the presence of cockroaches in your home. They will observe where the cockroaches are present. Then, they will take steps accordingly.  

First Treatment to Kill or Control the Cockroaches 

As we know, it is hard to eliminate cockroaches from your room. Our exterminators design the two different plans. In the first treatment, they use sprays and various traps. They will also monitor your home after providing the services.

Second Treatment 

After their first treatment, exterminators will monitor your home and begin a second treatment if needed. They will use other methods and techniques to kill the roaches.

How can you Contact us?

If you are in Ottawa or Canada and fail to control the cockroaches at home, it is an opportunity for you. Because you will get the services from one of the best pest control agencies, we will help you with your problem. We provide services in Ottawa or even all over Canada. 

Safety Measures to Avoid the Cockroaches 

Once our experts have cleaned your house, you should take some safety measures to avoid them from entering your home. For this, you must store your food. Prepare the pipe leakage, seal all entry points, and clean your kitchen appliances regularly.


Name the best pest control method to kill the cockroaches.

The boric acid and diatomaceous earth are the best methods to kill cockroaches. 

Which spray is more effective in killing the cockroaches?

Pyrethrin-based sprays are best for killing cockroaches. 

Which cockroach is difficult to control? 

It is difficult to control the German roaches. 


We discussed the methods that we can use to kill cockroaches. If you fail to control the cockroaches at home, you can contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. Our experts will visit your home and try their best to limit the cockroaches.