Bed Bugs – What They Are and How to Control Them

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Bed Bugs Pest Control, Bed bugs are small insects. They keep themselves alive by drinking the blood of humans and other living creatures. There is no scientific study that can claim that bed bugs are dangerous. Bed bug pest control is necessary. Though they are not very harmful, they can cause allergic infections on the skin if they bite. It is essential to control bed bugs. If you do not treat them, their number will increase unexpectedly. You can treat them at home.

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Bed bug pest control is necessary for normal environmental activities. The presence of bed bugs can affect the environment. You can contact any pest control agency that can help you. If you do not want to hire any company or agency, do it at home. You can discard the bed bugs using child’s play tips and tricks. 

Locate the Bed Bugs

Firstly, you need to locate the bed bugs. You should confirm the presence of bed bugs. If you have the symptoms of bed bugs, check your home. Inspection of your entire home should be your priority. If you cannot inspect the whole house, check some specific areas. Here are some precise places that you must check in your home.

  1. Look for bed bugs under your floor accessories.
  2. Check your furniture.
  3. Check out the bed sheets and other accessories.
  4. Bed bugs can also settle in the ceiling of your room or home.
  5. Try to check other narrow places also.
  6. Near the windows and door frames.

You can use luminous products like flashlights or torches to examine narrow places. If you see the eggs of bed bugs, remove them. 

Kick Bed Bugs out

After confirming the existence of bed bugs, remove them from your home. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove bed bugs from your stuff. After removing them, wash your elements with clean water. It will remove the infectious germs from your bed sheets or others.

Kill the Bugs

Now, it is the time to kill the bugs. You can kill them by chemical or non-chemical methods. You can use chemical or non-chemical procedures for bed bug pest control.

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Non-Chemical Methods

Here are some non-chemical procedures for bed bug pest control.

Extremely Hot or Cold temperature

You can kill the bugs by giving them extremely cold or hot temperatures. Temperature is the most effective way for the removal of germs and bacteria. Bugs cannot tolerate the severity of temperature. They live in moderate temperatures. If you provide them with extremely high or low temperatures, they will not survive anymore. 

You can wash your affected stuff in hot water and then put them in a dryer or direct sunlight for drying. The bugs will not survive in case of extremely high temperatures. Likewise, if you do not want to use hot extermination procedures, use cold methods. For this purpose, keep your affected stuff in the freezer for some hours. This procedure will cause the death of bed bugs.


You can also use steam instead of extremely hot or cold temperatures. Use the steamer where the bugs are present. It will help you for the quick control of bed bug pests.


Desiccants can destroy the protective coating of bed bugs. The bed bugs cannot survive without their covering. Without the protective shield, buds will lose their moisture and die due to dryness. Silica Aerogel and Diatomaceous are two prominent desiccants. 

Non-Chemical Sprays

You can also use sprays that do not contain toxic chemicals. Non-toxic sprays contain some essential oils like glycerine or clove oil. These oils can kill the bugs effectively and quickly.

Chemical Methods

If you want to discard bed bugs quickly, use chemical methods. The chemical procedure includes the use of such sprays that contain toxic materials. Note that the chemical procedures can disrupt bed bugs and human life. If the number of bed bugs has exceeded the limit, use chemical methods only in that case. If their number is small, use non-chemical methods.

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There are a lot of insecticides available in markets or stores. You can purchase insecticides for bed bugs. Here are two popular insecticides:

  • Pyrethrins 
  • Pyrethroids 

Both these are well-liked insecticides. These are effective and fast-working chemicals you can use to kill bed bugs. Be careful while choosing the insecticides. Many insecticides have harmful effects on humans and other living creatures. 

Bug Bombs

Bed bugs are considered the most effective procedure for bed bug pest control. They are influential and fast-acting. Do not forget that the bug bombs are highly toxic and harmful to pests and humans. 

Inspection of home 

After discarding the bed bugs from your home, inspect your home weekly or monthly. If you again find bed bugs, exterminate them quickly. It will restrict the further development of bed bugs. If you take any action on time, you will be safe in the upcoming time.

Pest Control Agency

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Can I permanently discard the bed bugs?

You cannot discard the bed bugs permanently by treating them once. If you want to exterminate them forever, use exterminating procedures frequently. 

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Still, no study can claim that bed bugs are dangerous. However, their bite can cause allergic infections on the skin.

Why should I contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa?

The Quick Pest Control Ottawa has some qualities that customers prefer the most. We have an expert and well-experienced team of exterminators. The exterminators of Quick Pest Control Ottawa prefer humane procedures for pest control.


Bed bugs are not seriously dangerous for living creatures. However, their bite can cause allergic skin infections. They are small in size. It is challenging to exterminate them because they are small in size and less noticeable. If you have a bed bug problem in Canada or Ottawa, contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. We have many tips and tricks for bed bug pest control. We will access you soon after contacting us.