Ant Control – Dealing With Ants

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Ants are not as harmful as other pests, but it is necessary to eliminate them for a better lifestyle. Twelve million tons of weight in this whole world is only ants. Some of them are so dangerous. Some ants can cause a minor disturbing effect in life. Ants have a lot of diseases along them.

You may think that the prevention of ants is not so important. If you think so, you are wrong. These tiny creatures are harmful if they are large in number. Ants can cause many issues. They may cause severe health issues. It is challenging to eliminate or remove the ants from your home. You can also use some home remedies to remove them by yourself. 

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Physical appearance of Ants

Ants have their identifications. You can recognize ants by following identifications. Ants have three main body parts.


The head is the first part of the ants. Ants detect vibrations and receive messages. There are vital organs in the head of ants without which they cannot survive. 


The thorax is the portion between the head and abdominal portion. It serves as a joint in the body of ants. Thorax joins the head and abdominal part of ants.

Abdominal Portion

The abdomen is the last portion of the body of ants. It has several essential organs. They can live without the abdominal part.


It is not strange to see the wings of ants. These ants give birth once a year in every colony of ants. These ants use wings to fly.


Like most insects, ants also have six legs. Ants of all species have six legs with their origin thorax. 

Attraction of Ants

Many things can attract the ants. Entry of any pest into your house frequently is an indication that there is something in your house that is tempting it. So is with the ants. These are some of the reasons that attract ants to your home.


If ants find any food source in your home, they will settle there. They need food to survive. Try to eliminate all the food sources for ants. Avoid the scattering of food. The tiny food particles attract ants the most.

Water sites

Ants need water to thrive. They fulfill their water needs from tiny holes in your water pipes. They will not directly jump into your water tank. They will try to find water sources. If they find a proper water source, they will stay there. Try to fix all the leakages.


Ants find their shelter in small places like holes. If there are small holes in your house, chances are high that there will be ants. Cover all the holes, gaps, and cracks in your home. It will help you to avoid ants in your home.


Ants like moist places. Therefore, you will see ants in your basement and plants. Ants also like plants because they are damp and cool.


It is necessary to try to eliminate all the ants. Firstly, try to do it yourself. If you fail, contact an agency. Here are some precautions to avoid ants.


Hygiene and cleanliness is the most essential precaution to avoid the ants. If you maintain the hygiene, they will not come. If there are no food particles, ants will never settle there. Firstly, try to manage the hygiene in your house. Cover your garbage can properly to avoid the ants. 


Inspect all the places where ants can settle. Ants mostly stay in the moist and cool areas. Spray regularly in such locations to avoid the ants.

Fixing and elimination

Remove the rotten food materials from your home. Ants settle in the damaged woods. Try to eliminate them. If there are holes, gaps, and cracks, fix them. Fix the leakages in your water pipes. These leakages may serve as a water source for ants.

Black pepper

Sprinkle the powder of black pepper. It lowers the concentration power of ants. 


Use some sprays on specific areas to avoid the entry of ants. You can purchase many oils and sprays to use. If you use these sprays, the ants will not enter there.

Harms of Ants

If the ants are in small numbers, they will not be very dangerous. But if these ants are in large numbers, then they are no less than a disaster. Here are some reasons that tell you that you should eliminate the ants.

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Poisoning of Food

If accidentally these ants get mixed with your food, they may poison it. It may cause severe health issues. It may lead you to the hospital.


Ants also spread a lot of bacteria. A crawling baby may have an infection with these bacteria while playing on the floor. Moreover, it may also affect elders in many ways.

Skin Problems

The bite of ants is not painful in many cases. But in some cases, it may cause severe pain and allergic infections on your skin.

Quick Pest Control Ottawa

If the ants have become excessive, call an agency immediately. In such a situation, Quick Pest Control Ottawa Agency will be advantageous. We have an expert team of exterminators who have a lot of ways to help you. We provide our services in Ottawa and all over Canada. If you are in Ottawa or Canada, call us. We will be there soon. Here are some unique features of Quick Pest Control Ottawa that will force you to choose it.

Long range services

We provide our services all over Canada. Our main branch is in Ottawa, but we provide services all over Canada. We will access you soon after contacting us.

Expert Exterminators

Quick Pest Control Ottawa has a team of expert exterminators. We have a lot of tips and tricks to help you with your problem. Our knowledge is the proof of our experience.

Humane methods

Mostly, we try to use humane processes to eliminate the pests. We know the importance of pests. We prefer to protect the pests than to kill them.

Knowledge of Canadian Pest Regulations

We are well aware of the Canadian Pest management. We know all the rules and regulations of Canada. We follow all the rules while capturing the pests.

How will we help?

The expert exterminators of Quick Pest Control Ottawa have many procedures to help you according to the severity of the case. If you choose us to eliminate the ants, we will help you by following ways.


Firstly, we will inspect your property. We will see indoor as well as outdoor entry sources of ants. We will examine the things that attract the ants toward your house.


We will adequately treat the ants. We prefer humane procedures. We will try to eliminate the ants using those ways that are less harmful to ants and the environment.


We will also suggest pesticides and sprays that you can use to keep the pests away. Moreover, if you need any help with pests, call us. 


Can ants lead me to the hospital?

Yes! If the ants bite you or you eat food that has ants, you may have diseases. Moreover, the bite of ants can also cause severe skin infections.

How are ants harmful?

Ants have various harms. Ants can cause food poisoning, bacterial diseases, and allergic infections on the skin. These cases can also be severe if you do not treat them.

How can Quick Pest Control Ottawa help me?

If you have a pest problem, contact Quick Pest Control Ottawa. This agency has expert and professional exterminators to help you. They will try to treat the pests humanely and transfer them to a safe place.


The ant pest problem is one of the central problems. The prevention of ant growth rate is necessary because it is creating problems. There are many pest control agencies in Canada, but Quick Pest Control Ottawa is one of the best. We have expertise who will help you to solve your problem. We deal with the pests humanely and rescue them. We have a lot of experience that will never disappoint our customers. You must contact us if you are having a pest problem.